Guaranteed Closing Costs

At Xcapital Inc we do our best to make sure you fully understand the loan process. We're so confident in our pricing and closing cost statements that we guarantee them.Xcapital Inc guarantees your total loan costs and rate, whether you are refinancing your current home or you are purchasing a new home. Our straightforward approach will change the way you experience the entire process of obtaining a mortgage. The Xcapital Inc Guaranteed Closing Cost promise includes:

  • Your interest rate
  • The optional points
  • All lender-related or third party fees for refinancings, excluding pre-paid interest, taxes, insurance, discount points or any state-required mortgage registry tax.

We at Xcapital Inc believe that if you don't refer us to a minimum of 2 people when you close, we've done something wrong. We're that confident that you will be happy with our service and up front approach.

The Truth About Closing Costs

Too many fees? Too many numbers? How do you really compare lenders to get the best deal?
The confusing array of costs associated with closing a mortgage loan transaction can be simplified. Don't let other lenders keep you in the dark. Xcapital Inc has formulated simple rules to keep your closing-cost comparisons easy to figure out:

Don't compare prepaid items or taxes.
Prepaid items are not a cost obtaining your loan. They reflect a cost of servicing the loan and may differ slightly from lender to lender. In those states where it applies, mortgage taxes are not determined by the lender.

Except on purchase transactions, you should include estimates for all closing fees.
Your lender should work with you to ensure that all of the fees are as low as possible, even if they are not providing those services. On purchase transactions settlement, if the title fees are controlled by the seller, you should not compare those fees.

Don't let different names for fees complicate the comparison analysis.
Xcapital Inc provides an all-inclusive fee called total value price to make your fee costs as simple as possible.

When you lock in your rate and points, you should also lock in your fees!
This is the most important rule! If your lender cannot guarantee their rate, points, and closing costs, be ready for a surprise at closing.

Xcapital Inc guarantees your interest rate, discount points, and closing costs! When comparing lenders, Xcapital Inc will ensure what you are told at application is what you pay at closing!

Read What Our
Clients Say!

Closing costs and loan rates with Xcapital are always competitive and in my experience, are among the lowest available.  Just check out their website to see. The loan process is fast and efficient with most steps being covered in emails that I find very convenient.  I recently completed a cash-out refi. with only one phone call being made through the entire process. Good faith estimates are accurate and kept up to date as the loan progresses. This is my third refi. with Xcapital and based on my experiences, I highly recommend them.

Thanks again!
Fred Feezell