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After The Mortgage Application
Your mortgage company will begin the work of verifying all the information you've provided. This process can take anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on the type of mortgage your choose, whether you're buying a home outside your local community, or a host of other factors.

Within three business days after your application, the mortgage company must give you an estimate of your closing costs. (The closing is the actual settlement of your loan.) You'll also get a statement that shows your estimated monthly payment, the cost of your finance charges, and other facts about your mortgage.

For many home buyers, this waiting period can be nerve-wracking. So stay in touch with your mortgage company, be prepared to answer any questions that might come up -- and remember that mortgage companies are in the business of making loans, not denying them.

Some home buyers find the closing process to be one of the most intimidating aspects of buying a home because it's so unfamiliar. Ask your mortgage company what to expect at your closing